October 1, 2015

Selling your Home faster and more money

I have been taking a young couple out that are wanting to spend around $350,000 for a property.  I thought that would really be a nice upgraded home. When we first took them out I was surprised at the quality of the interior.  In the Cleveland area $350,000 is going to buy you a nice property.

We ended up looking at a property in Hudson Ohio that was very upgraded. The couple fell in love with the property.  Being first time home buyers they went home and thought about it.  After a week they wanted to write an offer but it was sold.  No worries we found them another property to write on.

I say all this to let sellers know that getting your property properly staged to sell is very important. Go out and look in open houses at your competition before you list your property. For example does your home need stainless steel appliances to sale it?  If they do make sure that they all have the same brand name. That really makes a difference.  I went into one home that not only did not have the the same name appliances but they were all different colors.  That home was $350,000! Get real that is a bad mistake.

You also need to make sure your kitchen and bathrooms look fabulous.  That is what all buyers look at.  That is were they will do most of their entertaining and social events. Buyers always look at a home from that prospective. What will me family and friends think of this place and can I have fun here.  Here is a Kitchen I did recently below and the home sold in 20 Days.

Lastly I did notice in the higher end real estate that a 4 season room and a large back patio area is something that really seals the deal. 
No matter what amenities sell a home. Getting those upgrades finished can make you a lot more money on your property.  Get an agent that can do both.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Coldwell Banker 

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