October 15, 2015

How to make more money with a Home

Every property that is priced above the $150,000 and up, needs to have a few updates in order to sale for the top price and quickly. I personally go through a lot of properties have the same values but why do some close in a few days and other it takes an eternity?

When your wanting to sale a property from an investment stand point or a personal residence stand point you need the same updates in both that to help property sale fast.

One of the crucial things that I have noticed that buyers really must have to sell your property fast.  That is a updated or new kitchen.  Kitchens are a very important part of a buyers decision to purchase a property.  They entertain and have family get together there often. For example I had buyers out that are looking at $300,000+ properties.  We have looked at around 20 properties and only 2 of them had an updated kitchen.  Guess what those two properties are sold.  The others were outdated and really looked cheap and still on the market. I remember one home that had all different colored appliances in their kitchen. That was a $350,000 dollar home, really sad the Realtor did not tell them they needed to update the kitchen to get their property sold fast.

The other consideration would be bathrooms.  Vanities are not that expensive. Putting a new one in and a toilet just does not cost that much. The bath tub can also be replaced or sprayed by a company that is really good at it.  I personally have a guy that paints them like cars and they look fabulous. He charges $325 to do that.  The flooring should also be updated and tiling the shower area is a nice touch.  Also replace the shower heads and all the other knobs there. This will really update your home and make buyers take notice.

These are two critical issues that need addressed before you sale your property.  They can be expensive if you don’t use the right people that understand you need to make money.  As both a contractor and Realtor I understand the challenges in selling a home and will assist you in getting your investment sold quickly.  Call me today 216-703-5740 Brett Young Coldwell Banker

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