October 22, 2015

Listing your property and saving you time and money

If your looking to downsize or buying a bigger home then list your property with me and save some money. I know the areas in both the east and west sides.  Saving you money and getting your property sold for top dollar is what I do. 

I love to buy and sell real estate for my clients and also have a team of contractors that you can use if you need your new home updated or we need to get the one your living in rehabbed to sell. Having those tools at disposal gives you the edge in this market. 

When you get ready to sale your property you need someone that knows not only what it needs but also have the affordable resources to get the job done.  Each city has it’s own flavor of what needs to be done in homes to make you the top pick on a buyers list. It is the difference in selling your home in 30 days or less or letting it sit there for 100 days.

Let me give you and example of a home that I had under contract in Orange in 20 days.  3991 White Oak Trail Click here to view this property  This property sold for $339,000.  Most homes in this area sell in 100+ days…..Why is that?????  It is because of 2 things Marketing and making sure the home shows right.

Getting your property ready to sell is as important if not more important to get done.  As a licensed Realtor and doing over 900+ Sales I understand what needs to be done. Let me help you sell your property and if you need another property I can coordinate it and relieve you of the headaches of it all. Call Brett 216-703-5740 http://brettayoung.com/

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