November 24, 2015

What is the days on market for your home

When you are ready to sell your property you need to know first what the price is and what it takes to get to that price.  Let me explain.

When you Comp or look at the sold properties in an area you need to look at the upgrades and all the little details that might effect the price of your home. For example look at the kitchens and bathrooms first. Look to see if they have been remodeled or just updated. Do they have gas cooking or electric? Bathrooms are important also.  Do you have a master suite in the home?  That is a bedroom that has a private bathroom. The amount of bathrooms also 2-3.  It makes a difference on the price in most cases.

Sometimes you can really add value to your property if you so proper updates that reflect the sold property updates in your area.

Other items to check: Square Footage, Number of bathrooms, Central Air, Windows (age of them),Flooring, lot Size and the Garage.

In Ohio they have a lot of basements and finished ones usually help the value.  If you have a door from the basement to the outside that square footage can usually be added to your living area at the property.  Thus helping it sell for more money.

I also like to do my inspections before we get a buyer.  That way you can tackle the issues before they become issues for your buyer.  They do not have to accept the inspection, but most do if you use a licensed inspector.  You will also be able to get a warranty that does not have any pre-existing conditions.

All this and more effects the time your property will be on the market. Having the best chance to sell faster requires an Rel Estate Agent that understands the market and marketing.  Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna.  

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