February 13, 2016

Do you want to sell your home??

Getting your home sold is more than just listing a property.  I do a lot of remodeled homes and I get videos every week that show the progress of the remodel. This is a great way to keep the owner updates and advertise the property. I have actually sold a few properties from just that videos i post on YouTube.

I also write this blog that a I advertise my listings on.  When your getting an agent to sell your home look at their marketing plan.  There are a lot of canned marketing plans that real estate companies put out.  Some agents just have a staged type of marketing plan.

Marketing plans need to be implemented.  For example I pay Zillow to have a premier listing.  That allows my listing to get more exposure.  I have other social media advertising that I personally do to get properties sold.

The other item that needs to be addressed does the agent answer their phone when it rings.  That is so important when you are selling a home.  The buyers agent might have a question about the home that can get you an offer.  Answering the phone can get questions answered that can help you get an offer quicker. If the phone is not answered that buyer might find another property to purchase.

Your property needs inspections and appraisals that agents need to be involved in.  For example I send all the before and after pictures to the appraiser to let them see all the remodeled that was done to the property.  I also send comps from that area to ensure that the appraiser has them.  A lot of agents do not get involved in that process and sometimes it can get you in trouble.

Lastly you need to call the lender during this process to make sure that the closing is going to happen on time.  Keeping track of both sides of the transaction is very important to a successful closing.  Brett Young 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna  and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty

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