May 18, 2016

It’s a Great Time to Sell a Home—and to Buy Again..

This article comes from by Jonathon Smoke and the story is a great caliber of how the buyers and sellers are looking at this market.

“Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey gives a good reading of how
Americans view the housing market. In April, 52% of respondents said it
is a good time to sell a home. That’s the highest percentage since the
survey began in 2010, and it’s almost five times higher than in April

This is a great sign that consumer confidence is coming back and that sellers are looking to maybe letting their homes go.  Having the highest ratings in 5 years is helping the housing market thrive.

I have a client that I listed his home and sold it, he purchased another property in Strongsville. He wanted to have less maintenance, but a nice sized home. We found that property and he and Kelly fell in love with it.  Both properties are going to close on June 1st.

“But here’s the reality: Selling a home is usually just the first (critically important) step in the process of buying another
home. We find that more than 85% of today’s sellers indicate that they
also intend to buy. So while they’re adding to the inventory of homes
for sale, they’re also dipping back into it. And buyer traffic on is also up 31% over last year”

The inventory is very low, but there are still deals out in this market. Lori should a couple a home that fit there budget in Medina.  They were moving here from Maryland and needed to get a home quickly. The low inventory will keep the demand high and the buyers will be more serious about purchasing a home.

“However, different motivations hold sway at different ages. Heads of
households between 35 and 44 years of age are driven by a desire to be
in a different neighborhood and to have a bigger home. Those aged 65
and older are responding to retirement, looking for a home with
different features, or trying to improve their weather, views, and/or

The last thing I wanted to point out in this article is the clients that are buying up and ones that are looking for a home to retire in.  This is a very important factor when you market a home.  Understanding the buyers that may need the type of property you are selling can get your home sold faster….

Real Estate investors also need to understand these factors and more when selling a property.  Call an expert Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona


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