May 31, 2016

Why your property is not selling??

Looking at the buyers in today’s market and what they are looking for is newer homes and upgrades. For example I have a buyer that wanted to downsize his property and lived in a home that was built in 2003. He purchased a 2013 property that was much smaller and much smaller lot.  The buyer that purchased his property was a millennial that wanted the larger property he had for sale. The property was sold at $370,000 and the millennial buyer put down a substantial down payment.

We also had another millennial client that purchased a newer home for $300,000 and also had a substantial down payment for the home.  They wanted a newer home that little or no maintenance in the near future.

What information that I gleamed by all that is that if your home is older you need to upgrade it to get the attention of this market. When your looking at selling a property look at getting updates that will make you money in the end.  Finding the people to do the upgrades is important and also make sure you check with your local building department to see if any permits are needed. I have updated 100’s of homes and understand what makes money for homes.

Having a dated property will not only get you a lower selling price, but it will also take much longer to sell your home in most cases.

Need to sell your home or investment property please call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Ohio and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona. I will come out and look at your property and see if any updates will help sale your home faster and for more money.



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