July 5, 2016

How Much Can a Full-Service Real Estate Agent Do to Help Sell Your Home?

Great article from http://realestate.usnews.com/ by  that talks about what you should get with a Full-Service Real Estate agent and how they can help you buy and sell your home..,

“Amid the rise of a la carte options, full-service agents have in many
cases been ramping up and expanding their reach to better serve clients,
offering not only professional photography, staging and other key
marketing assistance, but also setting sellers up with contractors for
repairs and even driving clients’ children to afterschool activities in
some cases.”

I never drove children to after school activities, but I have done everything else in that paragraph.  I think the depth of knowledge a Realtor has on marketing makes all the difference. I sold a home off a open house I listed on Facebook about two hours before the open house.  The buyer saw it and came to the open house and called his Realtor to purchase it. Not having that Facebook ad might let the home stay on the market a little longer.That is just one way to market, homes need to be in  a lot of different parts of the internet to attract all the potential buyers,

I also have a vast array of contractors to assist with rehab or do a completer rehab.  I go to all my projects every week, usually twice and video tape them. I also assist in making sure the projects are running smoothly. I have to go out today to ensure two homes will be ready to list this weekend.

” “A good real estate agent is going to offer professional photography,
professional videography – and not just virtual tours,” Hall says,
noting that the automated slideshow of a home set to elevator music is
already seen as dated.”

You have to let the potential buyer see all the different angles of a property.  It is important to get very good pictures and video to help promote the property and let the viewer know the upgrades and some information on that neighborhood. I just sold a listing and the key to that was the area and the pool in the HOA,  It was rated #1 in that city. I have had two listing that were sold off YouTube ads, they really work and give people valuable information on that property.

Potential buyers are really looking at a home for the second time when they watch a video or look at pictures. Getting them information on that area can really benefit them in making a choice to purchase my listings. When they drive out to look at your property they usually have some interest in purchasing that home.

Full-Time agents really are important to use when buying or selling  a home. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna Realty and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty Arizona


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