October 13, 2016

6 Home-Selling Myths You Need to Stop Believing Immediately….

This was a good article and I really liked the article that explained important myths about selling your home. I have dealt with a lot of sellers and buyers that have a ton of knowledge on the real estate market. They understand that they need a professional Realtor that can get the information so they can create the knowledge they need to make an intelligent decision. This article comes from http://www.realtor.com/ by Dori Zinn and it talks about that.

I wanted to go over a few important myths this article details out. Lets see what this article has to offer.

You can do it Solo without a professional

If you try to sell on your own, you have to do all the hustle—and there’s a lot of hustle tomarketing a home. Plus, who’s going to weed out the creeps and the nonserious buyers? A Realtor® does the heavy lifting—to attract the right kind of buyer, sift out the ones you would never want to do business with, and negotiate the heck out of potential offers to get you the best possible deal.”

The key is the marketing aspect of selling your home.  The MLS and all the other home selling real estate sites most Realtors have at their fingertips. I personally kick the advertising up a notch with all my social media and internet presence. Videos and Pictures also need to be done on any home. With my YouTube channel and posting the video all over the internet gets my listings noticed. Making sure that people are qualified is crucial to closing and it is a full time job.

Spring is the best time to sell a home

Spring and summer have long received all the real estate glory as the best (and busiest) time to buy and sell a home. But the truth is that any season can be the best. It just depends on the market.”
This is so true in a lot of cases.  I have sold real estate a week before Christmas and they were full price offers. Seasons come and go every year and people need places to live in year around. Having a Realtor that understands that is important. For example a great benefit in the winter is that  I get a lot more mileage on my advertising. Some Realtors are at Christmas Parties and so am I, but that doesn’t mean you cannot sale a home on Christmas Eve. Some of my biggest sale months are in the winter.

You can rely entirely on online home value estimates

“There are all kinds of variables. You can’t plug in a standard formula and expect it to give you accurate results,” Stewart says. “There’s no substitute for a real person.””
 Wow this is a huge issue with a lot of professional Realtors. Zillow does their estimates by adding every property around the home. The challenge is what are the sold properties they are using and do is it the same type of home that your comping against.
When you pull all the inventory sold around a home you have to break out the bank foreclosures, REO’s, Fixer Uppers, Fire Sales, Square footage, Upgrades, Location and many other details that might effect the price of a home.
Professional Realtors understand the differences and what the appraisers are looking at. It is a huge difference sometimes between homes that look like the same type of homes. I was comping a home yesterday that had 3 comps that were not updated like the one I was listing. They needed to update the whole home to bring it to the condition of the home I was putting up for sale.
Understanding the differences is the key to getting not only the top price, but the correct price.
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