February 1, 2017

Searching and Finding Real Estate Deals

I hear a lot of pundits that say you can only get the best deals if you do not go through a Realtor or MLS. The problem with that theory is most homes are sold on the MLS and there are some great deals to be found if you know what your looking for. The key is getting a Realtor to find those deals for you at the right price.

You also have to consider if your an investor that each home is usually two transactions. Meaning that the home has to be purchased and sold/rented. Having a Realtor that can deal with both sides of a transactions saves you time and money.

For example I drove out and looked at a home yesterday for a client to purchase. I know what needs to be repaired and what the home will sale for. I needed to also look at the location and the neighborhood the property is in. If all those perimeters are met then you need to look at the details again. This property will probably be a go for my investor.

A client of mine purchased a home to lease. He was not happy with the property management and I offer that service for my clients. He was very happy and we will have the home cash flowing very soon.

Last night me and Lori got a contract on one of our clients listings and had to get the paperwork put together and signed. Earlier in the day the offer came in very low. Instead of throwing it in the trash we counter offered twice and got close to asking price. Knowing how to negotiate the price as a Realtor makes my clients a lot of money. I can think of 4 cases where we sold a property that had a low offer at first and got close to asking price.  It totals up to over $100,000 that we got for are clients knowing how to negotiate and counter lower offers.

We have many different programs that we offer our clients to create both income and wealth for their portfolios. Call Brett to get you a detailed plan for your portfolio. 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty.

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