April 25, 2017

Why the best real estate agents are the ones no one hears about

This article is from http://www.inman.com// by Hank Miller that talks about the different types of Realtors. It is true that a lot of Realtors will say anything to get your business.

“Our industry leaders push sales first; they are selling the dream, the
sizzle. Everything is predicated upon agent fees, that anyone can be a
successful agent and about how to “sell, sell, sell” everyone you know
and meet”

That is true about the industry, but not all Realtors including me. I have a closing this week that I have spent hours getting measurements and information for him. This client is from out of town and needs a lot of information including video and pictures of items in this home. I also had to get the appraiser to add a bathroom they forgot to add in the appraisal.

“The best agents are the ones no one hears about
They make problems go away before their client gets wind of them.
They’re working or thinking about work, anticipating problems and have
solutions waiting. They are candid, attentive and completely focused on
their clients.”

You have to anticipate problems and make sure they do not become an issue when you sale. Just had an inspection on a duplex with a home on one lot I have sold. The inspector called me for an appointment to inspect the home. I talked to him for 30 minutes about all the upgrades ans the properties. I was also there for the inspection and appraisal.  My client is buying a dream home for him and his daughters, and closing this property means a lot. I am making sure that the properties do close and on time.

Dealing with agents who could care less about getting a property closed on time and serving their clients is very frustrating. Dealing with an agent now that has not got repairs finished to close. Very easy minor items and has not addressed them at all in 4 weeks. I will be calling his broker today to see what I can get done.

Keeping the deals moving for my clients without having them to know about a lot of the issues that come up on properties. The key is getting the home purchased or sold and make sure my client is taken care of.

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