May 12, 2017

Sometimes Sellers listen to the wrong people and do not listen to Agents

Sometimes homes do not sell and the seller can hurt the chances of selling a home by who they listen too and not being flexible. For example if you set up showings and the seller is not flexible and only lets potential buyers in sometimes that really adds days on the market to your home. Buyers are on a schedule also and need to see your property in order to buy it.

Another issue is price, you can run it at the top of the market for so long and if there are no buyers you need to look at lowering the price. I will be talking to a client today that I need to do that with. They are in a great neighborhood and if you get it to the right price it can be sold quickly. They are relocating and I need to sale this property in a orderly fashion that fits their schedule. This keeps the listing fresh on the MLS also.

Sometimes neighbors know more than the Realtor does and gives a seller bad advice. They say something like this “so and so sold their home for $50,000 more than what your asking”. That may be true in some cases, but you better look at the details. What kind of home is it? It the home the same size? Has that home been remodeled, different location, extra bathroom, and i could go on an on. That effects the price of a home and what it is worth.

Getting a report of home sold from a Realtor can tell you a lot about your home. The Realtor should also look at the details of each individual home on that report to make sure that the home is comparable and the differences. One home will have something that another does not. For example in a Strongsville neighborhood I noticed that homes with nice Sun Rooms sold for more than ones that did not have Sun Rooms in that area. The home I was looking at did have a Sun Room and I had to consider how that would effect the sale price.

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