June 12, 2017

5 Ways Home Buyers Make Their Agent’s Job Harder

This story comes from https://www.zillow.com/ by Brendon Desimone that talks about buying a home and making the most out of the experience. Realtors do a ton of upfront work for the clients to get them the best fit for them and their family. I saw a few of them that I think are important.

Requiring too much during the showing
It’s typical for a potential buyer to view a property during an open
house, then ask for a private showing — even two or three times. That’s
par for the course.”

“However, it’s frustrating when a buyer arrives to a showing with a
designer, architect, contractor or just some friends, then spends an
hour or two at the home checking out and measuring each room. This is
counterproductive, particularly if you do it at one home after another
and never make an offer”

I recently had two great clients that required a lot of time to show real estate to. They decided on a property and wanted it rehabbed. No problem can get you some contractors to quote your rehab and get you rehab needs done.

During the course of the transaction the seller, Sellers agent and my clients kept changing their minds and changing every aspect of the deal. It took an extremely long time to close the deal and keep all parties together in this deal.

The best thing to do in a transaction is to know what you want going into the deal and let the Realtors handle it. When the transaction starts taking a ton of time and effort, the deals are not usually as good as they could be. They got a great deal on the property, with a ton of undue stress.

Changing your mind repeatedly
It’s fine to shift course based on what you learn during the home
shopping process. This is a common part of the buyer evolution process.”

“Many buyers set out for X but end up with Y after learning the market
and seeing where their dollar goes. By the time you’re ready to start
making offers and moving in the direction of acquiring a home, you will
be laser focused.”

 This is a huge problem and creates a frenzy of issues. The Realtor finds what they think is the perfect home only to find out it isn’t for the buyers.  The key issue here is usually financing or being a first time home buyer.

My clients have all that handled up front and sometimes their expectations have be changed because of the market. Having a back up plan is always needed in this type of market.

One of my clients wanted to live in a city that did not fit their budget. I picked out another city that I thought they may like and sent them some examples. They quickly changed their minds and are looking in that city.

Sometimes as an agent you need to understand your clients needs and what they can afford. $250.000 does not buy what it did last year. Buyers are getting used to a sellers market. Homes are selling fast in good areas and they need to move if they want them.

I can help you get the best home for your budget and needs. Knowing the cities and understanding what each has to offer is paramount to your success in getting a great property. Dealing with investors and home buyers gives me a great privilege to know their needs and wants. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul 

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