August 30, 2017

How Real Estate Agents Use Your Favorite Restaurants to Sell Homes

This article comes from by that talks about knowing the great eateries in and around a property. It is absolutely true that knowing great place to eat is a big bonus to my clients and their quality of living.

“The best way you can take advantage of your favorite restaurants is to tell your real estate agent about
them. Though they will be a local expert and probably have a good idea
of which eats are the best, they won’t know exactly which ones are your
favorite and why. So tell your agent about the hole-in-the-wall diner
that you love because your kids love the apple pie. Specifics like that
help agents market your house even better.”

For example if your living in the Chagrin Falls area I like Jekyll’s is one of the finest place to eat and enjoy a evening with friends and family. The scenery and atmosphere is the finest.  As an Real Estate Agent I think it is important to know the area and it treasures. That is why I write the Sunday Brunch every week it gives you places you can go in many different areas of Cleveland and Phoenix.

If you in Scottsdale Arizona one of my favorite places is Don and Charles great baby back rib place that is located in the heart of Scottsdale. Upscale and fun to be at!

” Restaurants help create the pulse of a neighborhood. When buyers decide
on a location, the neighboring restaurants and shops are an essential
component to the life—and the energy—of the area they’re investing in.
That’s why real estate agents often use the best restaurants in the area
to advertise how great the home is. As Minneapolis real estate agent
Alexander Boylan pointed out, agents are “not only selling a house, but
they’re also selling a community.”

When you are looking to purchase real estate as an investment or as a home, it is very important to know the surrounding area. Is it a family place, Single, or urban etc etc? That all has to be considered when looking at real estate. Just last night a neighbor to a home I am buying came by ask if I could let a family with her aged kids buy the home. Of course I can’t so that, but the area is a prime place to raise a family.

“This immersion in the neighborhood helps buyers get a solid grasp of its
vibe and culture. It’s similar to exploring a city for the first
time—you wouldn’t visit the tourist traps to get to know what it’s
really like. You’d walk up and down the city’s streets, find a coffee
shop, and sit there for a while. That’s what buyer’s agents do to give
their clients a more complete picture of the area.”

Great way to know a area is sit at a coffee shop and see the culture and people that dwell there. That is why I personally go to so many different areas and eateries to know what they serve and how good they are. Besides that you also have a great cup of coffee and maybe a pastry.

Knowing the areas and the amenities and culture they offer are so important to getting my clients the perfect real estate for their portfolio and their lives.  I am Brett call me 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul.


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